Sunday, July 19, 2015

Action packed weekend...

Well suffice to say I have to start a new diet.  I had an action packed weekend, where I ate my head off; and yummy stuff too!  Salami, cheese, more cheese!!!  But this week I'm serious.  No more eating.  Dieting.  Exercise!

I walked for five kilometres yesterday, and I felt okay.  But that was in the morning.

Coming home after that, because I was hungover, I jumped into bed and watched Mad Men.  I stayed in there, only coming out to get food and have a shower before slinking back to watch more of it.  I think I did about 8 episodes yesterday and last night.

That was all in preparation for a diet!  Today's diet!

So I got up and weighed myself this morning.  I've gained about 8 kilos in 7 months.  Now I've got to lose them.  Quit drinking.  Get fit.  In time for summer.

Shed my winter coat!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

:( Still not losing...

I went on a diet.

The trouble is going out for dinner several times throughout the week; which in turn, makes dieting bloody difficult.  It wouldn't be so bad, but the food is absolutely yummy!

I took my Mother out for dinner to the French Corner Cafe.  Mandy and David are always fun and Saturday night was no different!  David forced us to try a soup and it was magnificent, especially when you happened across the feta!  Of course, he forced us because I had picked eye fillet and didn't want anything to get in the way!

Then, Sunday came around and it was up early and driving back to Melbourne.  Sigh!
Through the rain and hail and back home to a freezing house.

I went to the Caravan Club Sunday afternoon to see Billy Miller do the Beatles with a table full of people.  It was fabulous!  They put their own flavour on the Beatles but sheez, you can miss it when you know every song!  Then we stumbled down the road and in through this carpark to a restaurant.  I lived in Oakleigh for a long time but didn't even know this place existed!  A fine end to a great day.

I don't know why but my house stayed cold, but it was colder than I've felt it, even with the extra blubber on!