Friday, December 4, 2015

I can't clean....

I never though those words would pass my lips!  I can't clean.  The house is in an uproar; shit everywhere! I've got boxes of towels and boxes of perfume - and everything in between!  Oh damn it sucks...  Moving house sucks!

Ahh but this time I can put a nail in the wall.  I can not like the hedges that they put in and plant lilies!  I can paint!  And when something goes wrong, I'll fix it!  It's mine!

Gone are the real estate agents; and I've had some doozies in the fifteen years I've been up here.  Some real pieces a work! And now.... they are no longer.  Well after I make sure I get my bond and a months rent (minus the re-letting fees!)

They can damn well carry me out in a box next time!  I refuse to move!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

That's all folks...

I had to go into work this morning for a "meeting".  HR were there, along with my boss and a back to work person.  My union rep got stuck in traffic and didn't make it...

The guts of it was that I am to resign or they'll do a "separation" through different channels.  For my mind, I suspect a resignation will be more pleasant and the lawyer thought that was an okay thing. This way, they'll work out a measly payment and pay me off; wash their hands of me.
Not even a farewell.  And I've been there for eleven years...

My boss was the first the point out that they had gone above and beyond keeping me around for this long and that they could cut me loose without a cent.

Of course he forgets that I've used my sick pay, holiday pay and long service leave and they have only just started funding my 8 hours a week - (which stopped 5 seconds after starting).

I was in a 100k job.
That is all gone.
It's all gone because I went to my own hospital for an operation.

Oh well....
What's next?